What We Believe

We Believe…

…God is a Triune God.

God is one single essence in which are three persons:  God the Father, the cause, origin and beginning of all things; God the Son, Jesus Christ, the word , wisdom and image of the Father; and God the Holy Spirit, the eternal, personal power and might proceeding from the Father and the Son. This God, one in three, is absolutely sovereign over all things, and is alone to be worshipped.

the Bible is God’s Holy Word.

The Triune God makes Himself known, not only by His creation, preservation, and government of the universe, but more clearly and fully in His holy and divine Word, the Bible.  Infallibly inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Scriptures reveal God Himself to the extent necessary for us to know Him in this life, to His glory, and to our salvation.

the Fall and Original Sin.

Although God created Adam and Eve, the first humans, good and after His own image and likeness, through the disobedience and sin of our first parents, all of mankind was plunged into sin, depravity and alienation from God, thereby deserving God’s just judgment and righteous eternal punishment.

…a God of Love , Mercy and Grace.

But God is not only righteous and just; He is also loving, merciful and gracious to all whom He in His eternal counsel chose in Jesus Christ; to all who, by the gift of faith, truly believe the gospel ‘s good news that their sin, depravity, and guilt are washed away in the substitutionary suffering and death of Jesus Christ, to those who believe that His perfect righteousness is imputed or transferred  to them without any of their own good works. Those who have faith in this Resurrected Lord will not only believe this gospel, but will also be empowered by the Holy Spirit to begin living a holy life of thankfulness.

…necessity of Church Membership.

Moreover, we believe the true church is the body of Christ made up of God’s people everywhere. However, it is in a true church institute where members can fully receive the means of grace, spiritually flourish, and communally edify, assist and love one another.   Therefore, all believers and their children are obligated to join a true church– a church where the gospel is faithfully preached, the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are administered, and where believers willingly submit to the instruction, wisdom and discipline of ruling elders.

…the Final Judgment, the Resurrection, and the World to Come.

God has appointed a day unknown to us when He will judge the world in righteousness by Jesus Christ—all persons shall appear before His tribunal to give account of their thoughts, words, and deeds.  On that great day, this old world will be cleansed and rejuvenated with fire, and unbelievers will suffer the eternal wrath of God in hell for their sin. But the righteous and elect in Christ will be crowned with glory and honor, and their souls united with their resurrected bodies to live in everlasting bliss in the new world to come.

This is a summary of what we believe. To learn more you can either:

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